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Nursing home bedsores are also known as pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers.  Bed sores and pressure ulcers are caused by nursing home neglect.  In fact, as set forth in an authoritative medical treatise “pressure sores are graphic, ugly smelly evidence of a health care providers’ failure to take good enough care of the elderly.”  Bed sores and pressure ulcers are caused by a lack of blood flow and oxygen  resulting from continual pressure on a particular area of the body.   Bed sores and pressure ulcers commonly develop on areas with prominent bones beneath thin layers of skin, such as the coccyx, sacrum, lower back, and heels. The severity of a bed sore can range greatly, from mild bed sores appearing as just minor skin reddening, to severe bed sores appearing as deep wounds exposing muscle and bone.   In this regard, bed sores and pressure ulcers are staged from Stage I to Stage IV, with Stage IV bed sores being the worst. Bed sores and pressure ulcers, if left untreated, can become a life-threatening condition. This is particularly true when the pressure ulcer becomes infected and the resident develops Sepsis.  Sepsis is caused by nursing home neglect.  Due to such neglect, bed sores and pressure ulcers cause excruciating pain and suffering for many nursing home residents. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer at our office as soon as possible if one of your friends or family have developed bed sores or pressure ulcers.  We hold nursing homes accountable for their actions and we will take them to trial if need be.

Most people do not develop bedsores or pressure ulcers since they are constantly moving and able to re-position themselves. However, many nursing home residents are unable to move independently and require nursing home staff to turn and re-position them every two hours to prevent the development of bedsores and pressure ulcers. Neglect and failure to properly turn and re-position a resident every two hours can lead to severe and life threatening bedsores and pressure ulcers.  Failure to provide the proper medical care to nursing home residents increases the risk of developing nursing home bedsores and pressure ulcers.   Also, failing to treat pressure sores once they develop may lead to a worsening of the condition and can even lead to death.

Some examples of neglect which may contribute to the
development of nursing home bedsores include

  • malnutrition and dehydration
  • not changing soiled diapers and allowing moisture to remain close to the skin
  • allowing residents to remain in the same position for extended periods of time
  • failing to do routine checks for signs of pressure sores
  • failing to treat and report to a physician bedsores that may have developed

Nursing home neglect, if severe, can lead to nursing home abuse. Often when there are bedsores present there are also other types of nursing home abuse taking place, such as malnutrition and dehydration. If your loved one has developed a bedsore while in a nursing home contact California Attorney Joel Bryant today at (619) 239-7900 for a free legal consultation.

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