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“I handle all types of serious financial elder abuse cases. My cases involve loss of real estate. For example, a situation where an elder unwittingly signs a quitclaim deed or a grant deed, which gives title to their own property to someone else. Those cases may involve a person who gets a power of attorney from an elder. Many times, the elder doesn’t even know what they’ve signed, and the person uses that power of attorney to go into the elder’s bank accounts and investment accounts and take all their property. Other financial elder abuse cases may involve bad investment advice. And a good example of this is I’ve seen some financial professionals will sell elders’ investments that they don’t need or cannot afford. In the financial elder abuse arena, it’s particularly important that if a person suspects their loved one has been the victim of financial elder abuse, to contact me as soon as possible. This is important because, in financial elder abuse cases, time is of the essence. We need to take timely action so that we can recover the elder’s assets. The longer a person waits to contact my firm regarding a financial elder abuse case, the longer the elder abuser has to spend, transfer, or hide the assets they improperly obtained from the elder.”

If your loved one has been the victim of financial elder abuse, I can help you. I’m California elder abuse lawyer Joel R. Bryant, and I have successfully handled many cases where someone has taken unfair financial advantage of an elderly person by lying to them, unduly influencing them, pretending concern / love / friendship, pressuring them or exploiting the elder’s lack of mental capacity.

Serious Financial Elder Abuse Cases Handled

Loss of Real Estate

Usually, the deed is put in the name of the abuser, or the abuser is added to the deed.

Loss of Stocks / Investments

By adding the abuser to the accounts.

Intentionally Bad Investment Advice by Financial Professional

Persuading the elder to buy a too-long annuity, high-risk stock, unneeded insurance, or other unsuitable investment so the professional can get a commission.

Mortgage Loan Fraud

Convincing the elder to take out a home loan with overly high fees / interest / penalties, or unaffordable payments. Similarly, convincing the elder to obtain an unnecessary or inappropriate reverse mortgage.

Common Types of Abusers

Sadly, in most cases the abuser is someone the elderly person or their family trusted. They may be a caretaker, family member, friend, attorney, stockbroker, or any other person who gains access to the elder's assets, or who persuades the elder to make an improper investment or take out an unsuitable mortgage. However, all of these abusers can be stopped by taking prompt legal action.

Contact Attorney Joel R. Bryant
Immediately to Protect Assets

It is extremely important to contact an attorney who is experienced in stopping financial elder abuse as soon as the wrongdoing is discovered in order to minimize the harm, and increase the likelihood of a recovery.

I will conduct an immediate investigation to determine
which persons are potentially responsible for the loss

  • Stolen real estate or investments returned to the elder (where possible).
  • The abuser's name removed from deeds and/or accounts.
  • The abuser and any another responsible persons to pay for the elder's financial losses.
  • Any other legal remedies necessary to restore the elder's financial position.

I offer a no-charge telephone consultation and accept financial abuse cases either on contingency or hourly, depending on the situation. You will receive a complete explanation of my services, fees, and related costs (such as court filing fees) in a written agreement for you to review and sign before you hire me. For more information or an appointment, please call me at (619) 239-7900 for a free legal consultation.

“Joel and his team were the help I needed to approach the nursing home that didn’t take good care of my grandmother. With Joel’s help, my grandmother was fairly compensated for the injuries she suffered as a result of the nursing home’s neglect and abuse.”

Andrea C.

“When one of the most tragic events happened in my life, Joel Bryant and Jason Julius were there for me when I needed someone the most. They both were very professional, honest, compassionate, and supportive."

Brent R.

“Joel was amazingly accessible, by phone, email and often, in person, and still is. He is a professional with an understanding heart, and a sense of humor. I still feel very fortunate to have had him on my side.”

Michelle B.
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