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Sexual abuse in nursing homes in California is increasing. Sexual contact without consent and violent or forced sexual contact constitutes abuse. Nursing home residents are weak and defenseless and unfortunately are often easy prey for sexual predators. When a nursing home resident is weak and unable to resist or unable to speak there is an increase in the likelihood of sexual abuse occurring. Nursing home residents can be sexually abused by a resident, stranger, or family member.

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Contact us if your family member experienced nursing home sexual abuse. San Diego elder abuse attorney Joel Bryant can help you recover the compensation you deserve after a loved one has been sexually abused in a nursing home.

Signs to look for in all cases of sexual abuse include

  • bruising around breasts, upper abdomen, or inner thigh
  • emotional withdrawal
  • agitation
  • depression
  • difficulty walking or sitting
  • vaginal or anal bleeding
  • presence of sexually transmitted disease
  • genital irritation
  • torn or bloody clothing
  • fear or reaction to a particular staff member who helps resident

It is important to obtain medical help immediately to document any of these signs. There is an increased risk of infections or internal bleeding for elderly people who experience sexual abuse and not seeking immediate help could lead to serious injury or even death. Any act of a sexual nature occurring without your loved one's consent constitutes a form of abuse. If you suspect your loved one is a victim of sexual abuse in the nursing home please contact Attorney Joel Bryant today at (619) 239-7900 for a free legal consultation. In addition to advising you on the victim's rights to compensation, Mr. Bryant will also advise you on how to involve Adult Protective Services and/or the police to immediately stop the abuse.

“Joel and his team were the help I needed to approach the nursing home that didn’t take good care of my grandmother. With Joel’s help, my grandmother was fairly compensated for the injuries she suffered as a result of the nursing home’s neglect and abuse.”

Andrea C.

“When one of the most tragic events happened in my life, Joel Bryant and Jason Julius were there for me when I needed someone the most. They both were very professional, honest, compassionate, and supportive."

Brent R.

“Joel was amazingly accessible, by phone, email and often, in person, and still is. He is a professional with an understanding heart, and a sense of humor. I still feel very fortunate to have had him on my side.”

Michelle B.
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