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A senior citizen should not spend his or her golden years in duress or poverty because of financial abuse. Financial elder abuse is a crime that can steal thousands of dollars from an unsuspecting victim. It is not something you should take lightly as a victim or loved one. If you or someone you know is the victim of financial elder abuse in the City of Redlands, California, contact Attorney Joel Bryant for a free and confidential case evaluation. You or your elderly relative may have grounds to file a civil claim against the perpetrator in pursuit of financial compensation.

What Sets Joel Apart From Other Elder Abuse Lawyers?

  • He specializes exclusively in elder abuse and financial abuse law. Joel has dedicated his professional life to helping the victims of elder abuse and financial exploitation.
  • He has over 15 years of experience. Joel was one of the first attorneys in San Diego to specialize in civil and probate actions for financial elder abuse.
  • He offers legal services on Redlands financial elder abuse cases for $0 upfront.

Why You Need to Hire an Attorney in Redlands

Financial elder abuse can ruin a victim’s life. A sophisticated scam could drain a victim’s savings, steal investment earnings, and rob a victim of his or her peace of mind in retirement. It is important to handle this serious type of claim with help from an experienced attorney. A Redlands elder abuse lawyer will know how to navigate a claim for the best chance of success. Your attorney can help you or your loved one collect evidence of financial exploitation, identify the defendant(s), and pursue compensation for economic and noneconomic losses. You will have no unanswered legal questions or concerns with a lawyer in your corner.

What Is Financial Elder Abuse? What Are the Signs?

Financial elder abuse is a popular type of scam that is fast growing in the US. It is a type of abuse that targets people over the age of 65, often older adults with disabilities. It can refer to any type of fraud or hoax that misappropriates a victim’s funds or financial resources to the perpetrator. Common examples are lottery scams, home repair scams, financial advisor misconduct, trustee fraud, charity scams, telemarketing scams, and utility scams. A victim of financial elder exploitation may experience many damages a relative can use as signs of abuse.

  • Unauthorized charges on a credit card
  • Funds removed from a bank or savings account
  • An asset being put in someone else’s name
  • Checks made out to cash
  • Loss of a residence or possessions
  • Power of attorney abuse
  • Threats of violence against the victim
  • Withholding of care in connection with financial abuse
  • Declines in physical or mental health due to stress
  • Feelings of humiliation, shame, guilt or depression

Many victims of financial elder abuse do not come forward, either out of embarrassment or lack of awareness that a scam is happening. As a relative of a senior citizen, do your part to protect him or her by spreading awareness. Educate your loved one on some of the most common types of scams. Keep in mind that professionals and relatives can also commit financial elder abuse, not just strangers. Watch your loved one’s bank accounts and assets for signs of fraud or exploitation. If you notice any red flags, contact an attorney right away.

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Do not underestimate the repercussions that can come with financial elder abuse or exploitation. Elder financial abuse is a major crime that can destroy your life or that of someone you love. As soon as you notice the possible signs of financial elder abuse, contact Attorney Joel Bryant for a free consultation. We accept cases in the City of Redlands as well as the surrounding areas. Joel Bryant may be able to help you or a loved one recover compensation for financial elder abuse. Call (619) 239-7900 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.