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Undue Influence on the Elderly

Undue influence is a term that is not widely understood by the general public. It has multiple meanings, from psychological to legal definitions that concern a form of abuse that, in this case, is carried out on elderly folk. Undue influence has a special importance placed upon the vulnerability of an individual, exploiting their trust

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Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Bedsores?

Nursing homes are facilities that people across California entrust with their elderly family members. Different nursing homes have different qualities of care, employees, and policies. Likewise, some assisted-living facilities do not provide adequate care for elders with limited mobility. These older folk are in need of manual turns in bed as prolonged periods of time

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Who Can Sue for Elder Abuse in California?

Elder abuse is an incredibly serious offence that occurs all too often across the state of California. As individuals age and are no longer able to take care of themselves, they rely on the care of others to sustain a high quality of life. In these cases, caretakers and others close to elders may take

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How Serious is Dehydration in the Elderly?

Dehydration can be extremely serious to elders, especially in California. An elderly body is unable to handle extreme conditions for very long, meaning that the lack of water consumption over the course of just a couple of hours can be extremely serious – even deadly. Senior citizens experiencing dehydration may show a wide range of

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The Impacts of Understaffed Nursing Homes

Understaffed nursing homes is a large and ever-growing issue in the United States. Those trying to operate under stressful circumstances oftentimes find it difficult to properly diagnose and treat patients to their full capacity. These problems are caused by everything from an aging population to financial struggles. If an elderly individual you know is suffering

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Who are Mandated Reporters of Elder Abuse in California?

Mandated reporters are crucial to the health of an elder present in their life. There is a list of people who qualify as mandated reporters in California, making a range of people potentially responsible for stopping and reporting any and all abuse from happening to a senior citizen by legal means. If you or a

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Top 10 Elderly Scams to Avoid

It seems that with each passing day scammers become more and more creative with ways to cheat unsuspecting elders of their money – a nefarious game known officially as “elder fraud”. According to the Senate Special Committee on Aging, elders lose a combined yearly total of nearly $3.0 billion – averaging to over $86,000 per

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Pets in Nursing Homes: Positives & Negatives

Studies have shown that pets help reduce stress and anxiety. However, should pets be allowed in nursing homes? This is a question that has been asked many times over the years, and there has been significant debate about the pros and cons involved. Here, we want to take a closer look at some of the

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What is Considered Elderly Abandonment?

Elder abuse occurs in a wide variety of ways in California and throughout the United States. In some cases, elder abuse involves physical abuse. In other cases, this type of abuse is emotional and psychological. However, sometimes, elderly individuals are completely abandoned by their caregivers. Here, we want to look at what it actually means

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What Happens When You Report Elder Abuse in California?

Elder abuse is absolutely abhorrent, and is something that should never occur. Unfortunately, we know that this type of abuse is not uncommon in this state and throughout the country. As our population ages, we see that instances of reported elder abuse also grow. It is crucial to report elder abuse to the appropriate authorities.

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