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Nursing home abuse and neglect can have many telltale signs. These may include physical warning signs, such as bruises or bone fractures, as well as emotional changes in the victim. One potential sign of elder mistreatment is the development of a bedsore. If a doctor recently diagnosed your loved one with a bedsore – especially one that has progressed past the early stages – call Attorney Joel Bryant for a free legal consultation. Your loved one may have grounds to bring a personal injury case against the nursing home responsible.

What Makes Clients Choose Joel Bryant?

  • He has been providing legal help to victims of elder abuse and neglect for more than 15 years. Joel has cultivated a reputation for excellence through many successful cases and accolades won.
  • He cares about his clients and always personalizes his legal strategies to fit their unique needs. Joel knows how to tell your loved one’s story to a judge and jury.
  • He accepts all nursing home abuse and neglect cases in Redlands on a contingency fee basis. Joel does not charge clients until after he secures them financial compensation for their damages.

What Is a Bedsore? What Causes Pressure Sores?

A bedsore is a type of condition that can affect the skin and underlying tissues, as deep as the muscles and bones. A pressure ulcer is a specific type of sore that stems from prolonged pressure against the affected area. It is most common in areas that contact beds or wheelchairs for people with disabilities, such as the heels, ankles, hips, tailbone and spine. Bedsores often take hours or days to develop.

  • Too much pressure against one point of the skin
  • Friction between the skin and a surface, such as bed sheets
  • Sheer friction between two surfaces moving in the opposite direction
  • Lack of proper blood flow due to medical conditions
  • Poor nutrition or hydration
  • Weak, malnourished or dehydrated skin
  • Incontinence, leading to wet, damp or soggy skin

The symptoms of a bedsore can include pain in the affected area, unusual changes in the color or texture of the skin, swelling, pus, temperature changes of the skin, and tender areas. Someone with the early signs of a bedsore should seek immediate medical treatment, as an untreated pressure ulcer could lead to serious health complications. Some possibilities include infections, cellulitis, bone infections, cancer, and sepsis. In the most severe cases, a bedsore could be fatal.

When to Involve a Redlands Elder Abuse Lawyer

Bedsores are common reasons for elder abuse and neglect lawsuits in Southern California. The preventable nature of this skin condition often points to nursing home resident mistreatment. If a responsible and prudent nursing home reasonably would have been able to prevent your loved one’s pressure sore, the facility may be liable for the injury.

Attorney Joel Bryant may be able to help your family prove a bedsore case through evidence such as medical experts, photographs and eyewitness testimony. A lawyer can also take care of legal tasks such as meeting California’s two-year statute of limitations and filing with the court in the correct county. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible after learning about your loved one’s pressure ulcer. Prompt legal action can build a stronger case.

Contact a Nursing Home Bedsore Attorney in Redlands, CA Today

Resident of a nursing home in Redlands, California should not develop pressure ulcers. This type of injury is largely preventable with appropriate resident care. Turning or moving an immobile resident regularly, investing in preventive measures such as special cushions, and addressing the first signs of a bedsore right away could all prevent serious health implications from a pressure ulcer. If you believe your loved one’s nursing home or a staff member is responsible for causing his or her bedsore, contact Joel Bryant right away for legal advice. Our initial consultations are always free. Call (619) 239-7900 to request yours.