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If your loved one fell at a nursing home, contact Riverside elder abuse lawyer Joel Bryant to discuss whether your family has a potential legal claim against the facility. Nursing home residents suffer falls at a higher rate than other seniors due to issues such as limited mobility or cognitive function. Nursing homes that fail to supervise residents’ activities need to be held accountable for substandard care.

Attorney Bryant is:

  • Compassionate and understanding towards clients and their families in these emotional matters
  • Experienced and has a successful track record in elder law cases
  • Honest when evaluating claims and providing legal opinions

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How a Riverside Nursing Home Fall Attorney Can Help You

The laws and regulations that govern nursing homes are complex and require a skilled attorney to pursue and file a lawsuit properly. Attorney Joel Bryant will stand by you from start to finish to ensure all paperwork, deadlines, and legal procedures are correct.

Depending on your claim, he may also do any of the following:

  • Investigate and gather evidence
  • Take witness statements
  • Gather information about the nursing home and its parent corporation
  • Prepare and file a lawsuit
  • Represent you and your loved one in any negotiations
  • Reach a settlement agreement
  • Go before the judge and jury in a trial

Attorney Bryant is prepared and trial-ready at all times. Learn more about the civil claim and trial process during your free consultation.

Risk Factors for Nursing Home Falls

When a resident enters a nursing home, the facility assesses the needs of that resident before admission. Nursing homes generally rate the risk a resident has of falling and assigns that resident a risk level. This risk level alerts staff to the necessary precautions to take when assisting that resident in avoiding preventable falls.

A resident’s fall risk often increases due to the following factors:

  • History of prior falls
  • Incontinence
  • Overactive bladder
  • Dementia
  • Gait problems
  • Osteoporosis
  • Confusion
  • Impaired vision
  • Medications
  • Weakness

When a nursing home fails to minimize a patient’s risks and a fall results, injuries are likely to occur. Fall-related injuries cause a large number of nursing home deaths each year. Falls also result in devastating injuries to residents such as:

Nursing Home Responsibility for Resident Falls

Nursing home injuries can lead residents to further physical, mental, and emotional decline, including depression, reduced quality of life, and isolation. Nursing homes are responsible for this decline when the fall was due to the nursing home’s behavior, such as:

  • Failure to accurately assess and reassess the resident’s risk of falling
  • Failure to provide the individual assistance needed by a resident
  • Intentionally placing or abandoning the resident in a dangerous situation
  • Failure to hire qualified staff or train new staff
  • Failure to keep the environment free of hazards
  • Failure to provide assistive devices like grab bars and walkers
  • Failure to provide chairs, toilets, and beds at safe heights

To learn more about nursing home falls and identifying preventable falls, call the law office of Attorney Joel Bryant. He will provide you with the answers legal answers you need to help your loved one. Attorney Bryant can help determine if you have a nursing home abuse or neglect claim and will fight to protect your loved one’s rights both now and in the future.

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