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Financial exploitation is a common type of elder abuse. It affects thousands of elderly victims each year. Financial elder abuse can occur inside or outside of a nursing home setting. The perpetrator behind the abuse is often someone close to the victim, such as a family member, friend, caretaker or nursing home staff member. Financial elder abuse is a serious crime. If you suspect this type of wrongdoing against a loved one, contact our San Bernardino financial elder abuse lawyer for a free consultation.

Why Clients Choose Joel R. Bryant

  • We understand the gravity of your loved one’s situation. Our California financial elder abuse attorneys will go above and beyond to secure justice for your family member.
  • We have the resources, experience and personnel to craft a strong financial elder abuse case against a defendant on your behalf.
  • We accept all San Bernardino financial elder abuse, as well as other types of elder abuse lawsuits, on a contingency fee basis.

How Can a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Help Your Loved One?

Contacting a San Bernardino financial elder abuse attorney to look into your loved one’s case could provide the professional legal assistance you need. A lawyer can help you hold the defendant legally and financially accountable for exploitation and its related damages. From investigating the situation for evidence of financial abuse to negotiating your loved one’s legal claim for maximum compensation, your attorney can take care of many important tasks on your family’s behalf.

What Is Financial Elder Abuse?

The four main types of elder abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse. Financial elder abuse describes a perpetrator taking advantage of a senior citizen (someone over the age of 65) to steal from him or her. Elder financial abuse can lead to the loss of money, property, assets, investments and other belongings. An offender can commit financial elder abuse in many ways. Look for common signs of elder financial exploitation to help protect your loved one.

  • Suspicious activity on bank accounts or credit cards
  • Unusual withdrawals or checks made out to cash
  • Lavish gifts given to a caregiver
  • Scams or fraud by strangers
  • Losses of assets or real estate through deed or will fraud
  • Conservator or trustee fraud
  • Loss of stocks or investments by adding the perpetrator to the accounts
  • Intentional bad advice from a financial advisor
  • Mortgage loan fraud
  • Home repair or utility fraud
  • Financial abuse paired with physical abuse or neglect

Financial elder abuse can destroy a senior citizen’s life. It can rob the victim of his or her hard-earned money, savings and assets. It can make it impossible to afford necessities such as nursing home and caregiver fees, medical care, and food. It can also cause a great deal of emotional stress and anguish. Do not accept the financial abuse or exploitation of your elderly loved one without a fight. Speak to Attorney Joel Bryant about your legal rights.

What to Do If You Suspect Financial Elder Abuse

Keep a close eye on your elderly loved one’s bank accounts, investments and assets as a trusted family member. Be wary of any unusual or suspicious activity. Warn your loved one about common scams that target the elderly, such as pyramid schemes and lottery scams. If you suspect financial elder abuse or identity theft, act quickly.

Call the San Bernardino Ombudsman Program to report the issue. Advocates can help your family investigate the crime and seek recovery. You can also call the police to submit an official complaint. Document the incident as much as possible, writing down information such as the identity of the scammer (if known), how much money or assets your loved one lost, and other details. Then, call Attorney Joel Bryant for a free legal consultation.

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Your loved one has legal rights as the victim of financial elder abuse in California. Explore and defend them with assistance from an attorney. Contact us as soon as you discover evidence of elder financial exploitation. We can investigate your case and may be able to help you seek financial recovery. Call (619) 239-7900 today to request a free initial consultation.