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Signs Of Under Monitoring In A Nursing Home

Signs Of Under Monitoring In A Nursing Home


Under monitoring in California is a deep, systemic problem. There have been many struggles in government, oversight agencies, and nursing homes themselves to address these concerns. Whether it be from failures of the management to short staffing, the negative impacts that under-monitoring has on the lives of the affected elderly are all the same.

The last line of defense for those hoping to restore the well-being of their senior relatives after elder abuse is the law. Joel Bryant is a tried and trusted California elder abuse attorney who has been helping defend families for years. Contact Joel Bryant today for more information on how your family can push back against injustices in the healthcare industry.

The Definition of Under Monitoring

Under monitoring is a situation that occurs in a plethora of nursing homes across the United States. Essentially, under monitoring is when the nursing staff tasked with taking care of an elderly citizen fails to properly keep up with what is necessary to provide an adequate level of care. This may include anything from giving the resident the essential amount of water to avoid dehydration to rotating those who are immobile to prevent bedsores.

Under monitoring is considered neglect and is subject to punishment in a court of law. Situations such as these are taken seriously as the consequences of under monitoring can result in serious bodily harm, high amounts of debt due to further medical bills, and even death. Nurses, other care staff taking care of the elder, and the facility in charge may be found liable or partially liable for damages in a court of law.

Keeping an Eye Out for Under Monitoring in Senior Citizens

While it is not the duty of visiting loved ones to look out for warning signs of declining health, this burden, unfortunately, falls on them due to the ineptitude of the nursing home. It is essential to take note of the elder’s environment, physical health condition, and mental state to make sure their livelihood is in good hands.

Under monitoring may present itself in a number of symptoms:

  • Unhygienic sheets or living quarters
  • An extended period of unchanged diapers
  • Unhealthy color or texture of the skin displaying signs of dehydration or malnutrition
  • Developed sores around contact points of the body with the bed
  • Signs of self-harm
  • Social withdraw
  • Lack of proper oral or bodily care
  • Infections

The Lawyer Fighting for California Families

Nursing home residents and their families have had a need for passionate lawyers for years now. Unfortunately, the mixture of short-staffing, underfunding, mismanagement, and more have created an environment that is potentially dangerous for the health of senior citizens living in assisted care facilities.

Joel Bryant is an attorney who recognizes these struggles. As a California nursing home abuse attorney, he and his firm are doing everything in their power to ensure that justice is served where it is due. Call Joel Bryant’s office today at 1.877.887.3997 or contact us for a free consultation by using our online contact form.