What Is The Difference Between Elder Abuse And Elder Neglect?

What Is The Difference Between Elder Abuse And Elder Neglect?


Between the harm done to your loved ones and the process of managing its fallout, it may become confusing to decipher all the legal jargon that is thrown about. Elder abuse and elder neglect are two distinct examples of injustices that are committed against senior citizens – each with its own criteria and legal consequences.

Understanding the difference between elder abuse and elder neglect is just the first step in the process of seeking justice for your relatives in a court of law. To get all the support you and your family deserve, please reach out to California elder abuse and neglect attorney Joel Bryant as soon as possible.

Defining Elder Abuse in California

Elder abuse is generally defined as an intentional act that creates risk or harms an elderly individual, although deliberate failure to act may also fall into this definition. Elder abuse is a serious topic as these harmful acts are usually performed by caretakers or individuals close to the senior citizen.

The first initial cost of elder abuse is the health and well-being of the elderly individual. Their livelihood, financial stability, and much more are all in immediate jeopardy following the perpetration of elder abuse. There are numerous types of elder abuse that may occur:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Psychological or mental abuse
  • Self-inflicted neglect

Despite the obvious consequences of these different types of abuse, there is oftentimes a myriad of other side effects that follow them. Between hospital bills, permanent mental scarring, physical therapy, and a range of other side effects, all types of abuse can carry serious long-term consequences.

Elder Neglect in Comparison

Generally speaking, elder neglect is when someone tasked with providing adequate care to a senior citizen fails to take care of them. This is usually differentiated from elder abuse as it is most often unintentional. However, this does not mean that the impact on the elder and their family is lesser. Examples of elder neglect can include failing to maintain the elder’s hygiene, helping them pay bills, properly feeding or hydrating the senior citizen, and much more. Elder neglect does not always have to be the fault of a nursing home or assisted care nurse – it could be a member of the family, for example, who is liable for neglect depending on the circumstances.

What elder abuse and elder neglect share is that they are serious offenses in the eyes of the law. Both have a high potential of altering the abused elder’s life forever – many cases even leading to death.

California’s Top Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Joel Bryant is a California elder abuse and neglect attorney who is amongst those concerned with the state of elder care in California. Time and time again, cases arise involving elder abuse and neglect that have detrimental impacts on the lives of elderly citizens and their families. Joel Bryant believes in delivering due justice to those affected. With a “No fees unless we win” guarantee along with free complimentary consultations, you can be confident in the service you are getting. Call our office today at (619) 597-2577