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Elder abuse is a rampant crime that affects thousands of senior citizens in America. One of the most common types of elder abuse is financial exploitation. Seniors are often easy targets due to their trusting natures, lack of awareness regarding common scams, available savings, and mental health conditions. Hemet financial elder abuse attorney, Joel R. Bryant is committed to helping victims in California and seeking justice and compensation from perpetrators. Our law firm may be able to hold someone responsible for your elderly loved one’s losses. Learn more today by requesting a free consultation.

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What Can an Elder Abuse Lawyer Do?

Financial abuse can be difficult to spot before it is too late, and the victim has already lost his or her life savings. With so much money and your loved one’s future on the line, trust your case to a professional. Hire an elder financial abuse attorney for assistance going up against the person or party responsible. Whether it is a friend, caregiver, nursing home staff member or financial advisor, your lawyer can bring the criminal to justice and fight for fair financial recovery for your loved one. A lawyer can protect your loved one’s rights while taking care of complicated legal processes on his or her behalf.

What Is Elder Financial Abuse?

Elder financial abuse, also called financial exploitation, refers to the misappropriation of money or assets that causes harm to a senior citizen. It can refer to the illegal or unauthorized use of a victim’s funds, such as stealing the victim’s money or taking control of investments. It can also refer to the loss of assets, such as jewelry or family heirlooms. The most common perpetrators of financial elder abuse are people close to the victim: relatives, spouses, friends and caregivers. Offenders may think they deserve some or all of the victim’s earnings. They may also be struggling with financial hardship. Strangers can also commit elder financial abuse, often through scams such as lottery fraud or home repair hoaxes.

Warning Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

Victims of financial elder abuse rarely come forward on their own. They are often embarrassed to have become victims of financial crimes or may believe that no one can help them recover the money lost. Others are unaware that someone has gained unlawful access to their accounts or savings. As the loved one of a senior citizen, warn him or her about common financial exploitation scams. Then, keep a close eye on his or her assets to look for red flags.

  • Sudden and unusual bank activity
  • Frequent withdrawals from ATMs
  • Forged checks
  • Checks written out to cash
  • Loss of investments or life savings
  • Changes in ownership of stocks or bonds
  • Eviction notices or utilities being shut off
  • Changes in wills, deeds or powers of attorney

Be careful who you leave in charge of your elderly loved one’s finances. If the appointed person is a family member, he or she could still commit financial abuse or fraud. A financial professional could also commit fraud by intentionally giving your loved one bad advice. It may be a good idea to have more than one person overseeing your loved one’s accounts and assets for better accountability. If you notice any possible signs of financial exploitation, seek help immediately.

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