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Nursing home misconduct is a crime that can destroy the lives of victims. Abuse and neglect by nursing home employees against elderly residents can cause serious physical injuries as well as emotional distress. It is a crime that Attorney Joel R. Bryant has dedicated his professional life to exposing. He provides legal representation to elder abuse victims in Hemet and throughout California. If you or someone you love is a nursing home abuse or neglect survivor, contact our Hemet nursing home abuse and neglect attorney for a free consultation. The law may entitle you to compensation.

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  • Our nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers care about the clients they represent. We do what is necessary to obtain the best possible results for each case.
  • Our lawyers are true litigators, meaning they can take defendants to trial. We can bring a nursing home abuse or neglect claim to court, if necessary.
  • Our attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. We do not charge legal fees unless we succeed in obtaining compensation for the client.

What Does a Hemet Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Do?

A nursing home abuse attorney in Hemet can help you bring a personal injury lawsuit against the facility responsible for harming your loved one. Your lawyer can investigate the abuse or neglect, collect evidence, file your claim, and help your family pursue fair compensation for related damages. The nursing home abuse victim may qualify for compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, legal fees, and more. A lawyer can answer your legal questions honestly and directly while guiding you through the claims process, giving you peace of mind during a difficult time.

Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home neglect can refer to several actions or failures to act that fall outside of the facility’s duties of care toward elderly residents. Negligence can be intentional or unintentional. Abuse, on the other hand, is the knowing and intentional injuring of a nursing home resident. It is the deliberate harming of an elderly, vulnerable and defenseless nursing home resident. Nursing home abuse can take various forms.

  • Physical abuse. Physical abuse physically injures the victim, such as through punches, slaps, kicks or restraints. Observers may be able to notice bruises, unexplained injuries or frequent trips to the hospital in someone experiencing physical nursing home abuse.
  • Verbal abuse. Verbal abuse can mean berating, shouting at, belittling, threatening or humiliating a victim. It can cause emotional or mental nursing home resident abuse. A staff member could also commit emotional abuse through isolation or neglect.
  • Sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is the sexual assault of a nursing home resident, often by a staff member. It can refer to sexual touching or rape. A survivor may show physical signs, such as sexually transmitted diseases, as well as depression and emotional signs.
  • Financial abuse. Financial abuse or exploitation means to take advantage of a nursing home resident to steal his or her possessions or money. It can refer to a scam by a stranger or fraud by a caregiver. Red flags include lavish gifts, checks made out to cash, and frequent withdrawals.

Nursing home neglect or abuse can cause broken bones, pulled muscles, contusions, head and brain injuries, back injuries, infections, bed sores, malnutrition, mental health declines, and wrongful death. If you notice any signs of neglect or abuse at a nursing home in Hemet, report your suspicions to the police immediately. Then, contact an attorney for an overview of your family’s rights.

Contact a Hemet Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

Nursing home abuse is a crime. It is also a civil tort, giving you the right to seek financial compensation from the offender. Your family can go up against the nursing home for its wrongdoing or that of one of its employees in pursuit of compensation for damages such as medical expenses and pain and suffering. Attorney Joel Bryant may be able to help. Contact our California nursing home neglect lawyer today at (619) 239-7800.