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Nursing home sexual abuse is a crime that sadly pervades many assisted living facilities in California. The sexual abuse of vulnerable elderly residents – often by staff members of the nursing home – can cause significant physical and emotional damages to the survivor. Nursing home residents become targets of sex crimes due to physical weaknesses, mental incapacities and the inability to fight back.

If you have reason to suspect someone of sexually abusing your elderly loved one while in a nursing home, do not hesitate to contact Hemet nursing home sexual abuse lawyer, Joel Bryant. Take your loved one to a safe place. Then, call (877) 887-3997 for a free legal consultation with our lead attorney as soon as possible.

Meet Joel Bryant

  • He specializes in helping victims over age 65 with elder abuse, neglect and exploitation cases.
  • He is an award-winning lawyer with Martindale-Hubbell’s highest rating for legal ability.
  • He is involved in organizations that confront the issues America’s elderly face.
  • He treats his clients the way he would treat one of his own family members in the same situation.
  • He accepts all Hemet nursing home sexual abuse claims on a contingency fee basis.

Why Hire an Attorney in Hemet?

Nursing home sexual abuse is a terrible crime. It is also a civil tort, which gives survivors the right to pursue financial compensation through the civil justice system. The easiest way to navigate a  nursing home sexual abuse case in California is by hiring an attorney who specializes in these types of cases. Your California nursing home sexual abuse attorney can help you understand applicable laws, meet important filing deadlines and take care of complicated legal processes while you and your family focus on healing. You do not have to handle a sexual abuse lawsuit alone. The right lawyer can take care of things for you privately, respectfully, and efficiently.

Common Signs of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Nursing home sexual abuse can refer to any type of sexual contact between a nursing home staff member and a resident. Even if a resident consents, the professional relationship between the two parties means the action still fulfills the definition of sexual assault. Sexual abuse can refer to fondling, sexual touching, exposure of sexual organs, rape or attempted rape. Your loved one may be unable or unwilling to come forward about sexual abuse. It may be up to you to look for the signs of this crime when you visit and speak with your loved one.

  • Unexplained depression or anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping or nightmares
  • Feelings of guilt or shame
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Requests to change nursing homes
  • Fear of certain employees
  • Physical injuries
  • Genital injuries
  • Trouble walking
  • Bloody undergarments
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

If your loved one alleges that someone committed sexual abuse against him or her at a nursing home in Hemet, tell your loved one you believe the story and call 911. Make an official report so the police can investigate the nursing home. Write down a description of what your loved one says happened, if possible. Collect other types of evidence as well, such as surveillance footage or photographs of physical injuries. Take your loved one to a safe place while the police investigate the nursing home. Then, contact a Hemet elder abuse lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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Joel Bryant, a Hemet nursing home sexual abuse lawyer, is dedicated to holding abusers legally accountable for their crimes. He stops at nothing to obtain justice and fair financial compensation for his clients. With Joel as your advocate, your family may be able to recover compensation for legal fees, emotional distress, physical injuries, medical and therapy costs, lost quality of life, and more. Discuss a possible nursing home sexual abuse case in more detail with Joel today. Call (619) 239-7800 or contact our law firm online to schedule a meeting in Hemet.