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Nursing Home Falls in San Bernardino, California

If you suspect your loved one’s fall was due to negligent or abusive treatment by a nursing home or its staff, call Attorney Joel Bryant. Your loved one deserves a safe, supervised environment, and protection from harm. While most caregivers and facilities provide this attention, others threaten the well-being of their residents.

Attorney Bryant is:

  • Experienced and dedicated in the practice of nursing home abuse and neglect law
  • Locally and nationally recognized by the legal community
  • A proven advocate in the fight for nursing home residents and their families

Contact his office today to schedule your free case evaluation. Attorney Bryant can answer your legal questions, suggest viable routes to help your loved one, and inform you of any compensation your loved one may receive for their injuries.

How Your San Bernardino Nursing Home Falls Attorney Can Help

To obtain compensation for your loved one, your San Bernardino nursing home attorney will investigate your loved one’s fall claim and begin building their case. It is difficult to prove a nursing home’s liability, and an experienced attorney, like Attorney Joel Bryant, is vital to a successful claim.

When you retain Attorney Bryant, he may do any of the following:

  • Interview witnesses
  • Interview former nursing home staff
  • Review nursing home records
  • Review medical records
  • Hire any needed medical experts
  • Enter into negotiations with the nursing home
  • Settle with the nursing home or begin courtroom litigation
  • Proceed to trial if necessary

For an explanation of your loved one’s legal rights and right to compensation for mistreatment, contact Attorney Bryant. There is no risk or obligation when meeting with Attorney Bryant. Put your mind and ease and call today.

Fall Prevention in Nursing Homes

Falls may cause severe injury or even result in death to a nursing home resident. Therefore, nursing homes must follow specific precautions to avoid resident falls and keep residents safe.

Fall prevention measures used by nursing homes include:

  • Resident assessment and reassessment using industry tools including the Morse Fall Scale
  • Staff education about fall prevention
  • Intervention to minimize fall risk and decrease fall injuries

If a nursing home fails to provide reasonable care to a resident and that failure results in the resident’s injuries, that nursing home may be responsible for the injuries.

Reasons for Nursing Home Falls

Nursing home residents fall for many reasons. Often when nursing home negligence is involved, there is a lack of supervision or neglect of resident needs. Reasons for resident falls may include the following:

  • Poor sight
  • Confusion, cognitive issue, or dementia
  • Medications
  • Poor balance
  • Gait problems
  • Hazards in the nursing home
  • Neglected calls for help
  • Lack of, or broken, assistive devices

Injuries caused by nursing home falls may immobilize a formerly able resident, resulting in a loss of independence or force an otherwise unnecessary surgery.

If your loved one fell in a nursing home, call Attorney Joel Bryant. He compassionately represents residents and their families against nursing home abuse and neglect. Call Attorney Bryant to discuss your loved one’s fall and whether your family may recover for their medical needs and pain and suffering. Personal injury lawsuits can be a complicated process. Nursing home cases often involve complex medical issues and require expert witnesses. Don’t fight this battle alone—our experienced elder abuse attorneys are here to help.