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What Happens If PTSD Is Not Treated In A Nursing Home Facility?

What Happens If PTSD Is Not Treated In A Nursing Home Facility?


Millions of elderly citizens suffer from mental disorders and illnesses every day. Of course, when they come of age and need to be placed in nursing homes, this can be quite the impact. The unfortunate reality is that we must sometimes put the lives of those we love into the hands of people that will be able to take care of them. Yet, even still, many nursing home staff are negligent and do not provide the level of care needed for senior citizens. It is for this reason that many choose to turn to California elder abuse attorneys such as Joel Bryant regularly.

Keeping an Eye Out for PTSD

It is always smart to stay on the lookout for warning signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as it can often go unrecognized and undiagnosed. As the symptoms of the disorder may reflect those of various other conditions, PTSD often goes unnoticed and untreated – leading to disastrous consequences.

  • Intrusive memories – Recurring memories of a traumatic event leading to a harsh reaction by a senior citizen is one of the telltale signs of PTSD. Whether in the form of flashbacks or nightmares, this is a hallmark PTSD symptom.
  • Changes in thought processes or mood – Oftentimes, an elder displaying signs of PTSD may have a negative shift in personality and mood. This may show its face in a variety of ways but is most evident when friends or family members notice a trend of negative thoughts, numbness, hopelessness, and the like.
  • Avoidance – PTSD often presents itself in patients when there is an uptick in avoidance of friends, family members, and others that are close to them. A general withdrawal from one’s social circle(s) may indicate a mental illness is afoot.
  • Emotional or physical reactions – Whether it be flinching or outbursts of anger, negative reactions to everyday happenings may indicate a change in someone’s well-being. While some go through negative spells, lasting negative reactions may require professional attention.

What Happens if PTSD Goes Undiagnosed?

Untreated PTSD can have disastrous consequences on the life of an individual. Ever-present in many senior citizens, PTSD drastically influences one’s thought processes and behavior. Nursing homes are known to be hotspots for this condition considering the potential for social isolation. Suicidal thoughts and actions have been known to be consequences of the mental condition – beckoning an intense need for further screening for mental illnesses. Furthermore, the lack of care for an elder with PTSD may be counted as negligence and require the aid of an attorney.

The Consequences of Nursing Home Negligence in California

While many elders suffer from PTSD at the hands of negligent care staff, it should not go unpunished. It is critical for the well-being and safety of senior citizens across the state that you reach out to a California elder abuse attorney such as Joel Bryant. With years of experience handling elder abuse cases for victims and their families, Joel Bryant knows what it takes to hold negligent individuals accountable. Take advantage of our “No Fees Unless We Win” guarantee by calling (619) 597-2577 for a free consultation.