The Importance Of Socialization In Nursing Homes

The Importance Of Socialization In Nursing Homes


When discussing topics such as nursing home care or elder abuse, one of the most prominent topics explored is physical health. However, one of the most overlooked types of health is social health. There is plenty of scientific evidence to support the fact that socialization in nursing homes is critical for the livelihood and well-being of residents. It is therefore important that those with loved ones in nursing homes identify how socially healthy your relatives are and seek out assistance from a California nursing home abuse attorney when needed.

Nursing Home Residents Suffering From Loneliness at High Rates

Loneliness is of great concern in the elderly population. According to studies performed at the University of Texas at Austin, the people who were more sociable and interacted with more people on a daily basis are less likely to be physically unhealthy. Furthermore, their emotional and social well beings were assessed to be of better quality as a result of increased socialization. However, elderly individuals are at a higher risk of being lonely due to social isolation and increased difficulties in interacting with the community.

How Social Isolation Can be Deadly

As previously stated, loneliness and a poor social life can have tangible physical consequences:

  • Cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks
  • Depression, anxiety, and overall lower rates of energy
  • Insomnia/sleeplessness
  • Weight gain
  • Weakened immune systems
  • A greater chance of neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s
    And more…

Unfortunately, the consequences of loneliness and social isolation have a snowball effect, with each issue worsening the next. One who becomes lonely and less motivated to go out may become depressed and start gaining weight as a result. They may then develop cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or other health effects that jeopardize their life expectancy. Ultimately, these issues may even lead to death.

Beginning to Mend the Issue of Isolation

Nursing home residents, like all other senior citizens, are in need of robust socialization. To ward off physical, emotional, mental, and psychological ailments, it is necessary that residents interact with fellow presidents, nursing staff, and the general community. What is furthermore needed is that nursing homes provide enough time for visitors to come and visit their loved ones. All in all, these actions will increase the likelihood that nursing home residents lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

Driving the Point Home: Addressing Neglect with a Lawyer

Due to understaffing, overworking, general frustration, and so much more, many nursing homes are not adequately providing the amount of socialization that residents need. Although this may be surprising, this may be grounds for an elder abuse and neglect claim. Joel Bryant and other California nursing home abuse attorneys have worked with families that have reported the detrimental impacts of social isolation to law firms. These are serious concerns and must be met with a full legal response that has the goal of regaining a fair quality of life for the elder. If you are interested in meeting with a representative, please contact us at (619) 597-2577 or follow this link where you will be connected with a representative.