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Risks Of Poor Oral Health Among Nursing Home Residents

Risks Of Poor Oral Health Among Nursing Home Residents


What is often difficult to identify as important characteristics of health in nursing home residents is what cannot be seen. Oral health is just one example of a slew of different types of health that are easily overlooked by negligent nursing home staff members on a daily basis. When dealing with a population that struggles to properly provide for itself in times of declining health, the utmost care must be provided. Joel Bryant is a California nursing home abuse attorney who has been pushing for better treatment of healthcare residents across the state for years.

How Declines in Oral Hygeine Happens in the Elderly Population

Senior citizens often have a difficult time addressing oral health on their own. First of all, decreased motor functions of elderly individuals make it more difficult to properly brush and take care of their teeth on a day-to-day basis. This is evident in the often decreasing hygiene of teeth, gums, and tongues in the same population. Furthermore, the poor physical state of many elderly individuals makes it too difficult to take themselves to the dentist’s office.

In most circumstances, senior citizens who have a more difficult time taking care of themselves end up living in nursing homes so that someone can take care of them on a consistent basis. This means that nursing home residents with a poor healthcare system around them have an even higher chance of developing deteriorated oral health.

Abuse and Neglect May Play Huge Roles in Many Cases

Nursing home negligence and abuse are sometimes the cause of declining oral health and hygiene. Understaffing may mean that there are not enough nurses to properly take care of all of the residents in a timely manner. On the other hand, poor management or lack of funding may result in a lack of proper equipment needed to take care of the residents. The fault is usually a case-by-case basis that may be difficult to pinpoint by onlookers.

No matter the cause, however, oral hygiene is extremely important. A lack of proper dental care can result in bacterial infections, cavities, extreme discomfort, gingivitis, lost teeth, and even malnutrition. This is important to highlight as even if it is not direct abuse of a nurse, there is still usually a failure in the system that is causing a decrease in proper care for your loved one. This may make them legally liable for the suffering caused to the senior citizen.

Addressing Nursing Home Resident Neglect with an Attorney

There are many risks associated with poor oral healthcare in senior citizens. Moreover, staff may have a difficult time administering proper oral care techniques to nursing home residents. In any case, a California nursing home abuse attorney is almost always necessary to cover the resulting medical expenses and other damages caused by the care facility. Joel Bryant is that attorney and is passionate about providing the utmost quality of legal assistance to those in need. Call Joel Bryant today at (619) 597-2577 for a free consultation and to learn about what a skilled attorney can do for you.