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Signs Of Brain Damage Caused In A Nursing Home

Signs Of Brain Damage Caused In A Nursing Home


The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. It determines how we do everything from feeling hunger to weighing the risk factors of accepting one job over another. This is why most healthcare facilities put a high level of importance on brain function and health, as jeopardizing these can result in catastrophic consequences. It is for this reason that many California nursing home abuse attorneys such as Joel Bryant are pendant and wary of the abusive situations in many American assisted-care facilities.

How Does Brain Damage Happen in Assisted Care Facilities?

One of the primary reasons that brain damage can occur in a nursing home is abuse. This is an important matter of conversation, medically speaking, as abuse can go largely unnoticed and its consequences are written off. Unfortunately, many nurses have malicious intent and take out their anger and frustrations on vulnerable residents of their facilities. There is no reason that nursing home residents should be the victims of such abuse.

The actual infliction of damage that leads to brain damage can take a number of forms. This can occur after physically punching or slapping a resident, pushing them off of their bed, removing walking and mobility assisting devices, throwing objects at a resident’s head, and allowing violence from other residents at the nursing home to occur without intervention. These acts can result in terrible impacts on the health and well-being of a nursing home resident.

How to Tell if Your Loved One is Suffering from Brain Damage

Symptoms of brain damage are wide-ranging and seldomly mild. As the brain is one of the most important organs of the body, a number of different functional capabilities, behavioral stability, and cognitive issues can occur as a result of trauma. One of the hardest things about the issues that occur as a result of brain damage is that the symptoms are often written off as consequences of old age, ultimately being overlooked as the elder may no longer be even able to communicate their distress.

  • Epilepsy and other types of seizures
  • Social and personality malfunctions
  • Deterioration of fine motor skills
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication inabilities
  • Issues utilizing the centers such as sight, hearing, taste, and smell
  • Issues regarding memory, including the potential for early-onset
  • Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Extreme headaches and migraines
  • Mood inconsistencies
  • Changes in everyday habits such as sleeping, eating, or communicating with family members
  • Loss of consciousness, ringing in the ears, confusion, and amnesia as a result of concussions
  • Cerebral edema, commonly known as brain swelling
  • Death

California Attorney Joel Bryant by Your Side

While not all nursing homes have abusive or negligent staff, the injustices that occur in many California nursing homes must be brought to light. Thousands of elderly folk are reported to have been suffering abuse at some point in time in a nursing home – meaning they need someone to step up to bat for them. Joel Bryant is a California nursing home abuse attorney who is willing to fight abusive healthcare facilities for you and your family. If you would like to reach out to his office for a free consultation, please call (619) 597-2577 or click here to be connected with a representative. Take back the well-being of your loved ones today.