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Risk For Infection In Nursing Homes

Risk For Infection In Nursing Homes


The severity and symptoms of infection are largely determined by the type of infection and how developed it is. While not all infections may lead to serious consequences such as death, the potential for immense bodily destruction is a serious risk.

Types of Infections Common in California Nursing Homes

There are a few main types of infections that residents of nursing homes should be aware of.

  • Viral infections,
  • Bacterial infections,
  • Fungal infections,
  • Prion diseases,
  • And other types of infection, including protozoan, parasitical, etc.

These different types of infections can latch on and attack different areas of the body. For example, many types of viral infections target the respiratory system. Pneumonia, the flu, the common cold, and many others are common examples of viral infections that can threaten individuals from all walks of life – not just the elderly. Another common type of infection in nursing homes is that of bacterial infections taking root due to wounds, bedsores, and ulcers.

How Do Infections Happen?

Unfortunately, there are many risk factors that make a nursing home commonplace for infections. First and foremost, close-quarter living can lead to an easy spread of infection among individual people. Many people in nursing homes are also of older age, meaning that interacting closely with other vulnerable individuals increases the risk of passing and sharing infections between residents. Age also makes individuals more at risk for the contraction of the disease in a more general sense due to comorbidity. Comorbidity is defined as the co-occurrence of multiple conditions and diseases within one person, meaning a seemingly minor infection can have disastrous consequences for any given nursing home resident.

The Pursuit of Justice for Victims in California Nursing Homes

California nursing home neglect attorneys have kept their eye on the issue of infections within assisted care facilities for decades. Whether due to abuse, neglect, or any other issue present inside healthcare facilities, the vulnerability and at-risk nature of the elderly population must be dealt with the utmost scrutiny. Joel Bryant is committed to providing the highest level of legal assistance for those in need. Please reach out to our office by calling (619) 597-2577 for a free consultation today.